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What Is The WP Back link Checker Plugin?

This WordPress Plugin simply monitors any back links (text and even banner links) and can even alert you of back link changes.

For example… You purchase a text link at a site from a seller.

You can then use this plugin to check daily if this backlink is still showing up at the seller’s site.

You Can Sell This Software Too!

WP Back link Checker comes with Master Resell Rights!

Sell this plugin and keep 100% profit.

Even give it away for free!

YES! Use this plugin, give it away and build an email list if you like!

Here are the WP Back link Checker plugin features:

-Automatically monitor your back links
-Add Back link group categories.
-Add Back links with anchor texts for monitoring
-Add Back links for banners
-Email notifications for changed or removed back links
-Email notifications to remind you to renew your PAID back link
-Turn on or off email notifications

-Easy to Use Plugin

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