Have you always wanted your own internet business that you could earn extra money from every month but don’t know where to start?

Starting a web-based business can be a daunting task if you’re not an experienced web developer. Good custom web design can cost thousands of dollars and adding articles or changing content can be a technical nightmare!

Race4Treasure offers an easy solution to this by providing a wide selection of pre-made HTML, PHP and WordPress websites that are already filled with content and waiting to make money!

Our sites are designed for people with little or no web development skills. They are turnkey, ready-to-go sites that are just waiting to be promoted. Whether you’d prefer an ecommerce affiliate store, or an information-based niche website, we have many topics to choose from. Our advice would be to choose a site on a subject that interests you or that you are passionate about!
Are you looking for premade turnkey websites that you can buy today and use for your online business? How about purchasing a huge collection of hand-made high quality niche sites and then retail it for steady passive income?
Whether you are into the business of buying and reselling websites or setting up an empire of cash generating niche affiliate sites, you just discovered the source and provider of modern turnkey sites.

What are These Websites?

The term “turnkey” means “ready for immediate use” so, in a nutshell, these products are ready-made, done-for-you, ready-to-use websites complete with articles, relevant images, and graphics. In addition, these sites come with premium themes and plugins so your site is not that cheap looking.

What you need here is a domain name of your choice and a reliable web host.

Now, all you have to do is upload it to your web host and install it on your own domain which normally takes less than 15 minutes depending on your internet speed.

A step-by-step installation guide is provided for quick reference. If you’re totally new to this, you may ask the creator or provider to install the site and configure it for you.

In a nutshell, these are low cost “starter websites” that you can take advantage of when trying to develop a profitable niche site especially if you don’t have enough budget for buying an already established site.

So, what we actually offer is a pre-created niche website that was meticulously designed with your goals in mind. We strive to bring you everything you want to have on your niche website – a user-friendly and easy-to-use admin panel with great CMS functionality.

Why Should You Buy Turnkey Websites?

In the high risk internet marketing industry, niche sites and affiliate websites is the safest long term investment you will find. It is a old proven method that requires minimal maintenance and a very slim marketing budget. The long term rewards of nice and steady passive income is what makes our clients buy these niche sites again and again.
We at Race4Treasure have 20+ years experience from all aspects of niche and affiliate marketing. We put all of that experience into every niche website we create before it is passed on to you.


Plug and Play Websites

Turnkey website options allow you to see the layout of your website before making a decision to buy. We provide the design and layouts, you provide the content. We upload your content on the website, do a quality check and you are off and running. Turnaround times can be as quick as two weeks!

Professional Look

We have designed our Turnkey websites to be clean and easily navigated by your visitors. This allows the focus to stay on what’s important, the services you provide.

Fastest Possible Turnaround Time

Turnkey website options offer the fastest possible turnaround time, affording you the opportunity to get your business up and operational online in a fraction of the time it takes for a custom build.

Responsive Design

Turnkey websites are built with mobile devices in mind. The adaptive designs allow your website to be viewed on virtually any modern device.


One of the great benefits of turnkey websites is that it’s much cheaper – it does not cost you hundreds of dollars.

Also, it’s much more practical creating your own money site as you have full control over content and design.

Buying ready-made templates, installing them on your server/web host, then editing their contents is a simpler and a much more economical way of setting up your own money sites.

A pre-created WordPress site gives you the ability to literally jump into owning a handful of affiliate websites instantly and get started promoting it immediately.

You needn’t worry about building it from scratch, choosing the right keywords, and doing all that time-consuming niche research. You can quickly realize the benefits here.

In short, this unique web creation solution is a great time saver and much more economical.


You can use these turnkey websites for starting a successful online business. For example, you can establish a network of niche-specific websites, set up multiple sites then flip them one by one on auction sites, or simply resell them to other marketplaces for quick profits.