Wp Ad Slinger




If you use WordPress, then pay attention. You can now create Facebook-style ads for your WordPress sites. Watch this short video that show you how it’s done:

And unlike all the restrictions that Facebook places on advertisers, you have total creative control over what you promote, what images you use, and what you say to get people to click your ads!

In short, Wp Ad Slinger will allow you to add the same looking ads that Facebook is using to make a their fortune. The fact that so many people are used to clicking on these ads is a good thing for your website.

Check out the ads on the side of your Facebook account next time you log in and check out how many people have liked each one. I was really shocked the first time I did this.

So when people come to your website and you are displaying the same kind of ads with Wp Ad Slinger they are much more likely to click on them.