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If you use WordPress, then pay attention. You can now create Facebook-style ads for your WordPress sites. Watch this short video that show you how it’s done:

WP Ad Slinger is an awesome WordPress Plugin that will creates Facebook-style ads on any WordPress site.

This provides users with an instant customized income stream while displaying ads in a format that over 1 billion internet users have growth quite accustomed to.

This WP Ad Slinger is a new Amazing WordPress Plugin That Can Mirror the current style of Facebook’s comlumn-based ads , you can set-up and run endless image and text-based ads.

You Can easily control your Ads, create ads for Any Offer or product you want , advertise your affiliate offer, products, or rankly any place you want to direct your site visitors.

This ensures that the ads on your WordPress site are completely relevent.

No more second guessing by Google’s ad network.

Features of WP Ad Slinger :

Unlike the restrictions placed on you by Facebook’s advertising department, here you can create ads for ANY product or offer you want.

Advertise your own products, affiliate offers, or frankly ANY place you want to send your site visitors.

This ensures that the ads on your WordPress site are completely relevant.

No more second-guessing by Google’s ad network.

Easy ad creation system with inbuilt image cropping feature.

Easily create ads like the ones you see daily in Facebook.

Powerful ad customization and display options to set scroll timings and number of ads, with easy widget settings.

Use the same techniques used by Facebook to serve Billions of ads “every day”.

Make more money out of existing traffic by removing ad blindness.

WP Ad Slinger is really a good partner for people who want to create Facebook-Style Ads on any WordPress site and Make More Money.

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