Social Network Script




This is a social network site like facebook. The site can be customized and can be branded for yourself. The site was done to match some function of the real thing. Users can post in real-time, create albums, share images, receiving automatic notification and new posts without reloading page, and so much more… view features.

User Features:

– Real-time posts / comments system, if you post something will appear on your friends profile automatically
– Delete your posts/comments
–  Automatic notifications when your friend(s) post something.
–  Share image when posting something
–  Transform youtube/vimeo links in video
–  Transform image links in images share
–   Friends list, add / remove friends also you can search for new friends
– Internal message system, send private message to your friends
– Delete you messages
– Photo albums, add photo album description and set a description for photo
– Add location when share something.


Author: racetre9

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