52 Weekly Newsletters on Body Care




“Professionally Written Done For You 3-IN-1 Passive Income Newsletters to Use Any Way You Like! This 52 Week Done For You Newsletters to copy and paste your way to Passive Commissions and Sales without knowing the subject… or writing a single word yourself!”

To get up and running, all you have to do is edit the emails with your affiliate links to related products, load the emails into your auto-responder… and you’re set to go!

They are very quick and easy to use…

As long as you have an auto-responder and some basic method of collecting subscribers, like with a landing page or squeeze page for example, your eCourse can take effect immediately and start doing its job of building a bond with your subscribers.

From there you’re in a better position to add your other promo emails and even send out broadcast emails for new offers.

It’s easy and very straightforward to use…and you can start seeing REAL results as soon as you get your first handful of subscribers.

Here are 13 Creative Ways to Make Money With These 3-In-1 Done For You Newsletter Pack

You can use them as a blog post
​You can use them as article content
You can compile them into short reports
You can easily Convert them into video articles
You can always use them to pre-sell affiliate products
You can strategically use them as marketing content
You can use some catchy lines in your sales letter
You can use it as soft-sell content in-between promotions
You can even create customized email courses.
You can simply automate your list for the whole year
You can start your own paid newsletter membership site
You can bundle and resell everything for profit or giveaway for free
You can use it to build a strong lasting relationship with your audience

You’ll get FULL Unrestricted Use Rights to ALL THREE Newsletter Pack… all well compiled in an easily accessible document.

You’ll have your newsletter pack pre-formatted into:

52 Individual Text Articles of 300 Words or more
Short Emails for Plugging Into Your Autoresponder
52 SEO Blog Posts for Plugging Into Your Blog or Website
Included With Recommended Affiliate Programs
Plus… High-Converting Promotional Emails to Sell The Entire Newsletter Pack