WP Image Studio




Stop Paying For Images Today!


Easy Editor

Having access to over one million images is very, very powerful and will save you a ton of cash. But being able to edit them is over the top!

Time Saver

Time to stop the image search madness. Starting today, just as soon as you install this plugin, you will never have to leave your WP Admin Dashboard.

Big Savings

If you have been in the business of creating sites or even just creating content for your own site, you know how expensive obtaining images can be.

Finding images for your posts, pages and even galleries could not be any simpler. Input desired keyword and the automated search starts. Choose your image, edit it as desired and insert just like any standard image in WordPress.

If you have ever started an image search, then you know how time consuming it can be. The time involved and distractions lead to many hours of development time over a weeks time. Now do it all right from your dashboard!

“”A Must Have WordPress Plugin At Affordable Pricing””