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Stop Losing Customers Before They’ve Even Seen Your Offer!
“Here’s How You Can Optimize Every Aspect Of Your Squeeze Page, To Get MORE Subscribers And Customers”

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Squeeze pages are a great invention, allowing you to build your list and send follow-up emails to boost sales.
But there is a BIG drawback to using them.
Potential customers who decide not to subscribe will just leave your site, meaning NO subscriber and NO sale.
That’s why it’s so critical to make sure your squeeze page persuades as many visitors as possible to subscribe.
It can be surprising what affects the performance of a squeeze page.
Small changes such as a different headline or layout can make a big difference to the results.
That’s why you need to create a few different versions of your page and then test them to see which one performs best.
Easy Squeeze Page Tester offers an easy way to do this automatically.
You just create two or more different versions of your squeeze page and then upload them to your web host.
The software will automatically split your traffic between the pages, allowing you to determine which page is performing better.
To use the software, just create different versions of the squeeze page with different names. For example, you could call the pages squeeze1.htm and squeeze2.htm.
You can use any names you want, as your visitors will never see the file names. Visitors will just see a squeeze page with your usual web address – but the contents will be taken from either squeeze1.htm or squeeze2.htm.
Now enter the file names into the script set up tool as shown below…










The tool will create a script file. Upload the script file to your website along with squeeze1.htm and squeeze2.htm.
When people visit your site, half of them will see the contents of squeeze1.htm and the rest will see the contents of squeeze2.htm.
To see which version gets most subscribers, just visit the “”results”” page of the script and it will instantly tell you how many people have opted in from each of the pages.
Just leave it running for a day or two, then use the setup tool again and edit the File names list, to leave just the best performing page. The script will then show that squeeze page to all your visitors.