What our sites are made of

What These Sites Are Made Of?

There are two common types of web technology turnkey sites are made of:

  1. HTML and PHP Based
  2. WordPress Based

1. HTML and PHP Based

These are simple premade sites that are created using basic HTML, PHP, and CSS. The content (articles, images, videos) are embedded directly into the website code.

Advantages: easy to install and it’s a set and forget system. Just upload all the site files to your server, edit site title and replace affiliate links from a certain file and that’s just it.

Disadvantages: it’s hard to edit the content. If you want to edit or add content, you need some knowledge and skill on how to edit HTML and PHP files.

PHP-based ready made Clickbank websites were popular a few years back but due to ever changing internet technology, security, and web host compatibility this products are no longer offered at PreMadeNiches.

2. WordPress Based

Just like the HTML/PHP based sites, this type of ready made websites come with pre-written articles, relevant images, and pre made graphics. The only difference is that it’s made out of WordPress – the world’s leading Content Management Software (CMS).

Now, if you’re looking for solutions on how to quickly create and deploy a WordPress website then these premade niche templates can be your Swiss knife – a very handy tool for creating multiple niche blogs.

Advantages: quickly edit/add more articles, change images, and add any other kind of content. You can even modify your site’s layout and design, change color and fonts for every element of your site without the need of learning web developing programs like HTML, PHP, and CSS.

Disadvantages: using this type of CMS can be overwhelming at first especially when your are still starting but once you get familiar with the admin area and management dashboard, everything would be a breeze. It’s just like using a Microsoft Word or any Word editing software.