How to Earn with Turnkey Affiliate Websites?

How to Earn with Turnkey Amazon Affiliate Websites?

Let’s bust a myth. Turnkey Affiliate websites are no get-rich-quick schemes.

So doesn’t an affiliate website make money? There’s no denying that affiliate websites make big money. In fact, seasoned affiliate marketers make as much as $80,000/month.

But numbers do not reflect the efforts and time required to reach that point.

In reality, it takes a considerable amount of hard work, time, and resources before you can make a living off your affiliate website. Once you’re past this parlous period, you can scale your affiliate website to earn megabucks.

Or else, there’s another way from which you can earn affiliate commissions with little hassle. We’ll discuss that later in this article. First, let’s see how to make money with a turnkey affiliate website.

Step #1: Niche Research

Niche research is hands-down the most crucial step of starting any website. Get it wrong, and you won’t make a penny out of your affiliate website. Usually, it takes a week or two to do research and unearth a profitable niche with little competition.

Step #2: Keyword and Competitor Research

Next, find your competitors and the exact keywords you’ll be trying to rank for. Again, this is a research-intensive job and may take 2-4 weeks. We’d suggest making a list of around 50 keywords, so you won’t have to find keywords now and then.

Step #3: Building and Designing the Website

The third step is to build and design your affiliate website. For this, you’ll have to purchase a domain and decent hosting ($150-$200) and a premium WordPress theme. Within a week, you can build your website, give it a stunning look, and set up necessary plugins.

Step #4: Content and Optimization

Content is the fuel of any affiliate website. So you have to make sure it’s top-notch. Though you can write the content yourself, it’s better to outsource. Once the initial batch of content is ready, you’ll have to format and publish it through WordPress or any other CMS.

Step #5: Wait

Now the last step is to wait… patiently. It takes some 3-6 months for a new affiliate website to get out of Google Sandbox. During this time, you’ll have to be patient and continuously pump out new content, so Google trusts and ranks your website.

How to Make Easy Money from a Turnkey Affiliate Website?

“What’s the best way to get around this struggle?” Ready-made affiliate websites.

Expert affiliate marketers like MyDigimark build and offer turnkey affiliate websites to people who want to make a living off affiliate marketing without pouring tons of effort into it. Planned, built, and designed by veterans, these affiliate websites use tried-and-true techniques. As SEO experts do the research, you’d neither have to spend hours finding keywords nor dread picking the wrong niche.

Best of all, turnkey websites save weeks of your time as you don’t have to wait for getting out of the sandbox. If you want to add a passive stream to your income sources with little hassle, you may check out these turnkey affiliate websites.

Summing it up, an affiliate website can generate big money. But starting it takes time, effort, and skills. Either you can build one from scratch or buy ready-made websites built by experts.