How to Profit From Resell Rights Products

How to Profit From Resell Rights Products

Package/bundle a few products on the same topic

One of the best ways to profit from resell rights products is to package or bundle several products of the same topic together. Consumers love it when they see that they are getting more for their money. The best way to do this is two fold: create general bundles and then create niche specific bundles as well. For example a general bundle might be about health and fitness, while a specific bundle might be about digestive cleansing products to promote overall health. See the difference? One will target a much more general search and the other will target a very specific search. Working together these two types of bundles are very effective ways of profiting from resell rights products.

A package or a bundle is more appealing to a customer because it holds the promise of more satisfaction and lends itself more towards the customer feeling that the got a “good deal”, which of course will be true. This is a great win-win situation for both parties. The customer feels that he or she got a good deal and you get to increase your profit margin. If you offer a bundle of health related products and their resell rights, then the profit is all but in the bank. The consumer not only gets to enjoy several products, but also has the option of making money off of the product themselves. That is a very powerful selling point.

Use it as a bonus for your own product

This is pretty simple, your offer the resell rights as a “bonus” for purchasing the service or product. This helps you to stand out from the millions of internet based business and will increase your sales. It is an economic fact that when consumer see that they can get something for “free”, they are more likely to buy. An important caveat here is that you do the math yourself to ensure that you will be getting the expected profit margin that you want. If you normally sell a product and its resell rights separately, say one for $25.00 and the other for $20.00 respectively, it would be expedient to raise just a bit the price of the product if you are going to offer the resell rights for “free”. In the end the customer will still get a great deal and you will get to enjoy the profit, not eat it.

Use it as a bonus for an affiliate product

Using your website as an affiliate marketing tool is a great way to insure a consistent flow of income. Affiliate marketing is fairly simple, a merchant finds someone who is web savvy and uses their website to promote his or her own products. Each person, the merchant and the website owner gets a cut of the final sale. This is not a pay-per-click system; money is made only after a sale. Offering resell rights to a product by buying an affiliate product will increase traffic on both your website and the sales on the merchant’s side of the business. That then turns into more money for you. It is a positive money making cycle that will continue to build upon itself.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to get lots of traffic in your website as well as make some extra cash on the side. Add in the resell rights to the mix and you have a recipe for success. The more people come back to your site, looking for good deals on products or even just for resell rights, the more they follow your affiliate links and purchase from them. End the end it is almost like you are getting twice the pay. You can what they purchase from you as well as a cut from what they purchase from the affiliate. Not a bad deal at all.

Use it as an up sell for your product

Up selling is as old as sliced bread. Chances are you have encountered someone today that has tried to up sell you on something. It can be as simple as, “We have a great desert wine offering today that would pair wonderfully with your choice of desert.” Simple, right? It can be down in the ecommerce world as well. You can have it set at a certain amount such as if the consumer spends $x.xx amount of dollars then they will get the resell rights for free or if they purchase the more expensive or the level up of product then they get the resell rights included.

Most website have to have varying levels of products that they offer to their target audience. Some low level, cheaper products and services, followed by a medium level and a higher level, the key is to get the consumer to purchase for an increasingly higher level. The higher the level they buy from the more profit you make. That is why using resell rights, which are for all intensively purposes free, to up sell on your website is a great way to increase your profit margin.

Use it to build your mailing list

What you can do here is offer the resell rights in exchange for the customer signing up for your ezine or to be apart of your group mailing list. Make sure to have a congruent product in the ezine or mass mailing that goes with what is advertised on your website. That way customers will not be surprised by what they see in their inbox the next week and then automatically put you in their junk mail box. This is essentially a numbers game, the more people you have on your mailing or ezine list the more people that will follow the links from that mailing to your website and so on and so forth. The point here is to create as many potential customers as possible, and if they are getting something for free just for signing up, they are more likely to return and purchase something from you latter on.

Use them to boost your pay per click response

In the same vain as giving things away for free, you can use resell rights as “bait” to get people to click on your pay-per-click ads. Generally speaking, people who are browsing ads tend to click on ones that offer things for free. By including resell rights as a freebie, you not only increase that chance that someone will click on your ad, but you also spice up your page as well. The chance of getting something for free is almost too strong a temptation for many people, the offer is just too intriguing. And then when you follow through on the ad, many people will be amazed and return to your page time and time again. The best place to put a freebie ad is in the headline, that is the first place people look and it is often the only place they look. Catch their eye from square one.

Use them as content for AdSense websites

The magic formula for the Google AdSense model is this – a content rich website with lots to explore. That is the most effective marketing strategy and is an automatic money making recipe. With the right resell rights, you can take the eBook apart and use it’s different chapters each as a page on your website. That is what people are looking for, lots of info and lots of depth. You can also create this by offering to the customer a resell right product. That creates interest and intrigue. Variety and depth are two keys to working successfully with Google AdSense, and offering or taking advantage of resell rights is a primary way to create and maintain both.

Use them as undefined gifts

Studies have shown time and time again that the majority of people love surprises. This is especially the case in regards to getting something for free, as a bonus. A great way to use resell rights in this way is to put a note on your website advertising an undisclosed gift when someone buys a certain product. This method of bundling is also called a “grab bag” and has been done in the retail world for many, many years. This will keep the clients coming back again and again.

Falling back on some grade school logic, was it not the highlight of every party to get the little bag of treats and toys that the host gave to all the guests? Essentially you are recreating that excitement in your customers whenever you provide a type of “eGrab Bag”. They know that they are going to get something cool, but they have not idea what it is, so they buy the product sometimes just to see what the surprise is.

A resell right is as good as gold in these respects. It is easy to give out and tends to be a customer favorite. Who would want to turn down the option on making more money themselves from a product they just bought? The answer: no one.

Then what you can do is add a new product or service on a weekly basis for a while. Every time a customer returns to your site they will find something new and interesting. This creates more traffic and more traffic equals, you guessed it, more sales and more profit for you.

What this means is that you will have to plan ahead and map out when and how you want to start your grab bag sale and what products or services you want to offer afterwards. Have a plan and follow it, it is the best path to success.

Having a grab bag will also help your refund rate drop. Happy customers are returning customers, and happy customers do not return things or ask for refunds. They are getting something for free and that it likely to sooth any angst that they may feel about their experience with your website or your product.